SIMPO is one of the biggest exporters in the national industry, which sells furniture to 30 countries of the world.  Our major export markets are the Western Europe countries, primarily France, Italy and Germany. We have a long standing cooperation with the most prestigious specialized retail chains, such as the French Roshe Bobois Group, Crozatier, the Italian Semeraro and Grancasa, the Austrian KIKA, XXLLutz and many others. Our most important partner for more than three decades has been the largest furniture retail chain IKEA, and the products of  SIMPO can be bought in its centres in the Western Europe, Russia and the Near East.

On the national and regional markets, we have been marketing our production programme in the majority of specialized retail shops, by way of the modern and flexible wholesale.  In the segment of wholesale, there is a wide range of all kinds of furniture designed particularly for this sales channel.

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